Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Life is not bounded with an Exact Formula"
If life is just like solving any mathematical equation and problems, all of us could possibly attain what we wanted to be because there were sets of formulas that we can use to come up with the right answer. Unfortunately, our life is not like that. We are bounded with the different things of the world could offer to us. We made choices because we need give up things for the sake of the other. We made mistakes and sacrifices, we made something good and we made and thought of the things that nobody has ever thought and did.

Life is not bounded with an exact formula because we do not know what would happen and what is waiting for us along the journey. It could be that our plans for tomorrow will no longer applicable because of something that has change. We do not even know that the moment we wake-up, we are no longer capable to do the things what others has done. Moreover, as what others have said, it is your destiny that made you gone this far, what you are and who you will be. It is a clueless track that even the world can never tell. It is like a plain white sheet of paper that you yourself need to make the colors and writings.

On the other hand, If you would say that the perfect formulas exist, then I would say that it will be the rules given by the Almighty Father. If you have followed those, then it is commendable to say that you are bounded already with this exact formula.

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